So who is ‘Boohoo’?

There’s this one guy who works at Boohoo by the name of Shane Chin.

He’s the senior menswear designer at Boohoo and is a fella who has kicked goals since joining its ranks. He’s working hard to reinvent the perception of fashion and style we all tend to have in the backs of our minds in terms of whether it’s for men or women and doing a good job.

From bloke’s willingness to drop more dollars on the things they like that make them look good instead of just serve a practical purpose, the raising of the bar in terms of what’s acceptable and from where he draws his inspiration, Shane was a great nut to crack and get some insight into the men’s online retail and fashion industry.

Here’s what he had to say.

Shane Chin, senior menswear designer at Boohoo

Chane Chin menswear designer Boohoo 2

When did your interest in fashion begin?

I have been interested in art and design from a young age, and this grew my passion for fashion and studying the different trends and styles. I love fashion because I love change. With fashion being an ever changing industry, it makes it really intoxicating and allows people a certain amount of freedom to express themselves. It is amazing to see your idea develop from a sketch and evolve into a real piece of clothing.

Do you have any advice for men who want to pursue a career in the fashion industry? How can they stand out from the crowd?

The key is to be patient, proactive and keep at it. Don’t feel like any job is beneath you, fashion is an industry where you get out what you put in. Take internships and get to know how the real world works. I worked at a junior level straight out of university and took all of the opportunities that I could get. I got to work on a vast variety of projects and see what it was like to work in a studio environment which really helped me to get to where I am today.

You need to keep up to date with the latest trends so use different outlets to get inspiration. Be sure to adapt the fashion trends and give it your own twist to show off your creative side; however, you need to keep in mind the wear-ability of the clothing. Most of all believe in yourself and what you create because you’re the only one that can prove you are up to the job.

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

Couture shows still determine the trends but blogs are a great source for getting inspiration on how to style the trend. It’s all about wear-ability and I think that is something fashion blogs demonstrate really well. Fashion changes so much so I definitely take a trend lead approach when it comes to inspiration.

Do you think men and women are treated differently in the industry?

As I mentioned before it is a highly competitive market as there is so much talent out there. Based on my experience in the fashion industry I do believe that female designers are taken seriously. There is still the assumption that fashion is very much aimed at women and I think this applies especially to the commercial fashion industry where it is more exclusive to women. In saying this though, men’s fashion is on the rise and has come a long way over the past few years.

How do you think men’s fashion has progressed in the past few years?

We have seen a rise in the amount of money that men are willing to spend on fashion and these days men are spending more than ever before. I think this is down to having more options available to them, men have realised that you don’t just have to wear a suit and tie to work anymore. Both high-end and high-street retailers are getting on board with this and offering more styles and trends to men.

What are your predictions for men’s fashion in the future?

If the last decade is any indication, we probably won’t be seeing the jazzy gear of Back to the Future any time soon! Never before have men taken more pride in their appearance than now. A whole new generation of guys is discovering that it’s possible to be quite expressive in the way they dress. Catwalk styles are translating more easily into everyday wardrobes. There seems to be a shift in menswear from a structured and formal way of dressing to an easier, looser way of putting looks together. Casual wear is transcending through in abundance, with tailoring moving into softer fabrics, more relaxed shapes and generally more wearability.

Sporty lifestyles have created a more athletic aesthetic and has brought about a more ’layered’ way of dressing for men. The best example of this is in the layering we see from street wear influences, and guys dressing with a lot of pieces while still looking comfortable, combining many different pieces in one look. I feel the modern wardrobe would be built around this active lifestyle, and layering will be the key.

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