Snezana Markoski & Sam Wood Promote Weet-Bix at Pier One Sydney

Sitting at opposite ends of a lavish dining table at Pier One Hotel on Walsh Bay, Sydney were the loved up Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski, reality star sweethearts, loved up even off camera.

As the faces of the new Weet-Bix Blends range, Sanitarium’s answer to açaí bowls and trendy granola breakfasts, with the release of a gourmet twist on the Aussie classic, we sat down with ‘Samzana’ to discuss fashion, food & feminism in the wake of the Bachelor…

Sam Wood Snezana Markoski Weet-Bix Pier One Sydney


Okay first things first, how did you go from ‘The Bachelor’ to promoting Weet-Bix?

Sam: Well it was a product we both loved and pretty much grew up on. I’ve been eating around 6 – 8 weet-bix, weet-bixes? I don’t know the plural though but either way, we’ve both eaten them forever and it’s a healthy and easy to promote product, plus we got to do it together which is always great.

So business and pleasure combined, what’s it like working together?

Sam: It’s great. We do our own things, but when we do work together, Snez helps out with my 28 program and I don’t help out with her fashion blog.

Snezana: Haha, it’s a great dynamic. Travelling together is always fun since we live in different cities at the moment, but we’re going back to Perth tomorrow to see Eve (Sam Wood’s daughter).

Sam: it’s her birthday this weekend. It’s also mine but we’ll be celebrating hers.

Great, what are the plans for her?

Sam: She wants to go to her favourite restaurant, which is a revolving one in Perth, she is a very classy little girl.

Snezana: Yeah we’re just going to have a small family get together for her eleventh birthday.

Sam: So only about 65 people.

Huge families are something every ethnic person knows – how was meeting the big Macedonian family?

Sam: I mean it was pretty full on meeting them on national TV and all, but after I’d never dated a…

Snez: an ethnic?

Sam: Yeah, and it was definitely a shock, the vibrancy and energy of it all. I thought they were hamming it up because it was televised, but honestly it’s just a stock standard Wednesday night dinner for them. I’m as Aussie as they come, but its one of those things you realise you don’t know enough about other cultures and it was great to be welcomed by very welcoming and warm people.

Snezana: He’s fit in very well, and been a perfect gentleman among the craziness.

Being Greek, my family has a custom of spitting on a new boyfriend to sort of ‘bless them’. Did Snezana’s family do anything to you?

Sam: I guess I got off easy with that one, it was basically just shots the second I walked in. I’m such a bogan though I was like “you got any beers mate?”

Snezana: I think the ouzo started to burn a little bit for Sam

Finish the sentence: Couple who works out together…

Snezana: Oh god no

Sam: Yeah we don’t work out together

Snezana: I love him, but working out is my time. We do walks and hang outdoors because we both love it together, but gym time is separate.

Sam: It’s great because Snez supports and follows my 28 program, but doesn’t have to be physically with me. I usually get switched off for Beyonce at round 2 hahaha

If you had to describe each other as a Weet-Bix flavour…

Sam: Snez would be ‘energise’, because she’s always up and atom like a meerkat 

Snezana, you’re currently designing your own fashion blog. What’s your personal style?

Snezana: I love pairing up classy items with cheap ones. Most people think because of the Bachelor I’m always in designer gowns or draped in labels, but most of the time I pair good quality jeans and heels with things from Target, Cotton on or Zara. It’s important to be as practical are you are stylish, particularly when you don’t have an unlimited spending budget

Sam: She’s great at ‘suggesting’ what I don’t need to wear anymore as well

Snezana: It’s just a subtle toss of something every now and then, or accidentally ruining it in the wash. Compromising is key.

What are the plans for the wedding?

Snezana: Nothing yet, we haven’t set the date or even found a venue!

Sam: We’re on a pretty similar page though, we both want something classic and outdoors – with a touch of the Macedonian extravagance of course

Snezana: Of course haha. We don’t want to pick a venue or anything until I’m actually in Melbourne – it’s something we want to do together, I don’t just want leave it up to Sam.

Sam: Yeah and honestly, I would never be like “trust me on this one Snez, I know the BEST place!”

So back to where it began – being the bachelor obviously comes with polarising opinions

Sam: Agreed

How’s the general public’s reaction several months after?

 Sam: Instagrammers are great, the amount of people that were like “what we’re you thinking, you’re gonna regret this decision for the rest of your life!” and I’m just like no I’m not, I’ve made the right decision and am very happy with Snezana but thank you for that – it’s crazy. Still, even at Christmas time, I got things like “I bet you still regret that decision… TEAM HEATHER”. Even my mates would watch every episode and have a whiteboard to write down all the cheesy quotes I said… the roasting would start and I’d be staring off a Getty contemplating life. 

Strong woman, entrepreneur and brilliant mother by your side… need to know, being on a show like The Bachelor, are you a feminist?

Sam: Look, we need to live in a world of equality and things are certainly moving in that direction, so I do believe and practice a lot of the conventions for sure.






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