Grape Co orchard

Snack o’clock is sorted with new grape variety, Grape Co.

There’s so much to love about summer, especially all the fresh, gorgeous produce that is in abundance at the moment. And who can resist sweet, crunchy grapes? But now we have Victorian-based company, Grape Co to thank for naturally producing crossbred and GMO-free grapes, which are grown in farms around Victoria using sustainable farming principles.

But even more impressive are the incredible flavours and names of their latest grape varieties! Introducing…Cotton Candy, Candy Hearts and Sweet Sapphire. Pretty cute, huh! So let’s take a closer look at what each variety offers in terms of flavour.

Cotton Candy – These large, plump, but extremely juicy green seedless grapes bare an uncanny likeness to fairy floss, but in a crunchy, healthy way. Roll up people! Pop a few of these in your mouth and you’ll be instantly transported to a side-show alley at the local fair. Happy childhood memories.

Candy Hearts – This red seedless variety is exclusive to Grape Co in the Australian market and displays notes of rich butterscotch. Who would have thought the humble grape could boast so much flavour and personality.

Sweet Sapphire – This unique, elongated black grape is another variety exclusive to Grape Co in the Australian market. Not only is this variety remarkably sweet and crispy, it’s the perfect addition to a cheese board when entertaining or simply for snacking on at snack o’clock.

Keep an eye out for these sweet, jewel-like grapes at your local boutique fruit shop. They come in 250g clams/lunch packs, 500g clams, bunch bags and loose packs.

Grape Co grapes


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