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Known for showcasing some of the best from collations designers overseas have worked tirelessly on, Smesh Style is a relatively new online retail venture by two Melbourne boys whose eye for style drives every decision they make.

Smesh Style offers a great array of emerging and independent designer’s work that offer a street cool slant on fashion, design and style, easily melded with an existing wardrobe to spice it up in only the way Smesh can.

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You’ve only been around for a short time. How have you found breaking into the online retail market?

The initial lift-off was pretty difficult. However, once we’ve got a stronger collection of products, we started getting noticed by the media. This allowed us to gain exposure much quicker. We’re still learning the ropes as we’ve only launched SMESH in November 2012. But we’re very excited for upcoming projects we’re planning for the rest of the year.

What skill sets do the both of you bring to the table that help Smesh?

Ash has a background in make-up, working for fashion houses such as Dior and Chanel. Sam has a double degree in Law and Commerce from the University of Melbourne. Our third business partner, Caroline (which is based in Malaysia) is a CPA-qualified accountant. We took on different roles for SMESH despite our work and academic backgrounds. Ash deals with the pictures and creative aspects of the website, while Sam is the buyer. Caroline assists with all back-end accounting and processes.

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What you stock is some pretty out there but awesome styles of menswear. Does what you stock get its influence from your own personal style, or is it based on what you know will sell?

Our stock reflects what our buyer, Sam truly likes and defintely what he himself would wear. Sam seeks inspiration from the current trends and major designer labels such as Juun J, Rick Owens, Damir Doma, Dior Homme and Givenchy. However, ulitmately we base our buying on what truly reflects us SMESH as a shopping destination for those who want something different and unique, while also ensuring that the items are high quality and affordable.

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Smesh is great because it plays its part in promoting the emerging and independent designers of Australia and overseas. How do you source your pieces?

I usually contact these designers directly once I have interest in their products. SMESH truly encourages emerging designers by offering different options for their products to be featured on our website, ensuring that it is a mutually beneficial arrangement. We’ve been very lucky to be invited to trade shows such as the Blueprint Fashion Exchange (in conjunction with Singapore Fashion Week) and be invited to view collections by designers despite only being in operation for less than 6 months. Some of our current product ranges were sourced from these events.

What can we expect to see more of from Smesh over the coming months?

We will be launching a few labels over the next few months, such as NYC-based accessories designer, Chris Habana, LA-based streetwear label Made-in-Hell-A, and our very first collaboration with a painter/sketch artist.  Details will be available very soon and we hope to launch items in October 2013.

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