A Smart Approach To The Basics At Baselworld 2016

The eyes of the of the watch world once again turned to Basel, Switzerland last month for Baselworld; the annual watch showcase event that brings with it new releases from the world’s biggest watchmakers.

The big boys didn’t disappoint this year with Rolex creating the most buzz with the release of a steel Daytona with black Cerachrom bezel. Rolex also had interesting news in the shape of a much-redesigned Air King, an evolution of their most accessible style.

For us though the watches that cut through the hype the most are the brands that are going back to basics, simple designs with subtle smart watch integrations that enhance an unassuming time piece with advanced modern connectivity.

General Views - Baselworld 2016

The Tissot Smart-Touch is the brand’s first foray into a broader-purpose smartwatch. While not a full computing device it still offers many useful functions while you’re out and about. You can pair it with your phone for navigation and also locate lost items that you’ve tagged with a special fob. There are also local weather updates to the Smart Touch’s display.

Frédérique Constant have released the second generation of their smart watch program. With highly refined sleep and activity trackers and get active alerts this unassuming timepiece will keep you on your toes. The biggest change in this latest release is a world time function that syncs with your smart phone to display multiple timezones at once. A beautiful elegant timepiece.

Celebrities At Baselworld 2016

The Casio WSD-F10 Outdoor Smartwatch was first unveiled at CES 2015, but we got our first proper look here at Baselworld 2016. The standout feature of this watch is the connected camera which allows you to use the smartwatch dial as a viewfinder. It also features a dual layer screen with the ability to last a month using its secondary low power LCD.

The Mission from Nixon is our pick of the outdoor smartwatch models. Built with surfers and skiers in mind this watch has built-in GPS, is waterproof to 100M and with partnerships in place with Snocountry and Surfline this watch is the perfect companion for the action sports fanatic.

Baselworld brings together some of the best names in watch and innovation mastery out there that all eyes are on the big names again for 2017.

General Views - Baselworld 2016

Andrew Brooks is a director at Tokki Watches, retailers of some find timepieces. See more of their range at their website




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