Smart Wallet Ideas That Could Become Really Big In the Nearest Future

Contrary to what the tech heads want you to believe, the physical wallet is still very much alive. People still need them to hold cash and cards. However, there are very good signs that it could only be a matter of time before the wallet, as we know it, changes for good.

There have been lots of changes in the payment and finance scene over the last few years. From only being able to use credit cards for virtually every form of online payment to being able to use cryptocurrencies, we have come a long way. Today, it is now possible to find casino sites that accept PayPal as can be found on Such payment processing ability on gambling sites highlight is a testament of how far we have come.

Continuing with the change, in the payments scene, it is not surprising, therefore, that tech giants have put out some very interesting ideas for smart wallets. Here are some of them below.

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The Cashew smart wallet features a fingerprint sensor for Touch ID-like authentication. It allows you to store up to 20 fingerprints. This ensures you can allow your family and friends access to your credit card. As a smart device, it can of course link up to your phone over a Bluetooth connection. You will be notified if you leave your wallet behind and you can equally track it on a map.


Similar to Cashew above, Walli ensures you can keep track of your wallet with your phone but it goes one better by ensuring you can also use the wallet to find your phone if you lose sight of it. It takes tracking a bit further by knowing which cards are stored in and lets you know if any cards are missing. There is a timer function which means you can set the wallet to notify you if you don’t have the card back in your wallet at a specified time. Walli also offers RFID protection. Criminals can’t scan it for your card information.

Ekster Wallet

Ekster has all the other features you would expect from a standard smart wallet but it has something else going for it. To get to your card, you only need to hit a button and it will pop out into a position perfect for grabbing. Add the RFID/NFC protection and this wallet has all it needs to be a success.


They could have done a bit more with the name but Wocket is one of the most sophisticated on this list. With Wocket, you can finally replace all your myriad of cards. Instead of carrying the cards around, you can swipe and scan the card’s details into Wocket and simply choose which one you want to pay with at checkout. Wocket can store up to 10,000 card details. There are PIN and voice based security options. The level of convenience it offers can be likened to that offered by the new Chromecast.

Which of these smart wallets appeal to you the most?

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