Smart Coffee Cups by Frank Green

The future of coffee drinking is here!

We’re a bit short click-of-a-finger cappuccinos or pill that evolves into a tall skinny latte, but we’re not too far off: the Frank Green SmartCup is arrived and is set to take the world – or maybe just Melbourne and it’s coffee culture – by total caffeinated storm.

The SmartCup is a clever keep cup that you keep and reuse that has in-built a small microchip, that when paired with the CafePay smartphone app, allows coffee lovers to purchase coffee with the PayWave system in cafes.


It was designed with the coffee lover in mind, making order coffees on the spot, or pre-ordering them with the app that much easier and a whole lot more environmentally friendly and efficient.

The CafePay app allows Frank SmartCup users to upload dollars onto their account and simply swipe to their heart’s content in any participating cafe. It’s a win-win and makes coffee on the move an easy and enjoyable (or more, if that’s even possible?) experience.

Benjamin Young, the owner and founder of Frank Green said that he wanted to create the ability to go cash-free, the ability to send friends or family the dollars needed to treat themselves any time of the day – because they can – and create a situation where coffee customers can build a loyalty with their favourite cafes.

All good in our books.

The Frank Green SmartCup launches in 2015 and can be purchased online at their website or listed retailers.

To make it that much better, every $1 from each online sale goes to Earthwatch.

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