Sky’s Out, Thighs Out

The catch-cry of a very funky venture in men’s summer clothes is all about promoting what you’ve got!

No time to do so than summer, I say.

Chubbies are the San Francisco-based shorts authority and leader of the global shorts revolution, which has launched its first international hub right in our own backyard – Australia.

Chubbies 2

They’re confident in the Australian man to support the Chubbies name and namesake with a fair pair of pins and a lush Australian summer tan. It’s just our responsibility to make them proud.

Since 2011, they’ve been revolutionising the world of the short, one pair of liberated thighs at a time. By producing retro-inspired shorts that recall the freedom and easiness of shorts in the 70s and 80s, they have built and irreverent brand based on real men and the needs of them to rock radical shorts.

Promoting the freedom and enjoyment of the weekend lifestyle, welcome Chubbies.

Sky’s out, thighs out!

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