Sky Climb Sydney: Sky’s the Limit

In Sydney, there sits a littleĀ massive warehouse that holds some of the most fun-looking and interestingly engaging ‘rock climbing’ obstacles around.

Sky Climb Sydney is the first of its kind, bringing a distinctly more colourful, fun, energetic and welcoming vibe around what is considered pretty hardcore, otherwise.

Rock climbing takes practise and bravery when it comes to bouldering, inversion and going freestyle with no ropes, but Sky Climb reinvents all of that. With obstacles made of what seem to be found objects, colour, music, lights and all the other bells-and-whistles that you’re hard done by to find anywhere else, it’s a welcome new addition to the long list of things to do in Sydney.

Sky Climb Sydney, THE F 1

Sky Climb Sydney, THE F 3

Sky Climb Sydney, THE F 4

Sky Climb Sydney, THE F 5



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