Singapore, Changi & Why You Need To Go There (Sponsored Post)

Singapore is awesome. You just have to look on our Instagram feed or check out what we did on our last visit to the city-state in 2015 to see how wonderful and beautiful the entire city is!

There’s seemingly nothing about Singapore that doesn’t capture some part of your imagination. It’s filled with unbridled energy, small in geography, but big in opportunity; welcoming, warm, sunny, central and otherwise known as the gateway to Asia, so you know it’s going to be worthwhile.

The way, of course, into Singapore is through its globally acclaimed – almost as much as the city itself – airport, Changi. A lot of what’s good in Singaporean culture, economy and reputation has been garnered over the past just over 50 years, once the country was kick-started by a visionary called Lee Kuan Yew. He put Singapore on the map and one of the country’s greatest creations that really mobilised Singapore as an international hub is the airport.

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Changi is a terminal for all terminals, kind of the Heathrow of the East. It’s a shopping haven, offering hundreds of international retailers who offer nothing but a top-notch shopping experience. Complete with interior and exterior gardens, a movie theatre, hotel and a free shuttle bus service into the centre of Singapore, it has it all.

What’s so great about Singapore, though, is that it’s the perfect fusion of so many polar opposites. Sure, the airport is a standalone element of the city that is vital to the functioning of its heart, but its fusion of East-West, old-new and more than four cultures as the ‘official’ building blocks of its society make it a pretty rare and unique place.

It’s one of only three city-states in the world (others being Monaco and The Vatican) and has four official languages, comprising English (its first official language!), Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. You can see ALL the good bits about Singapore come to life on its YouTube channel here and Google+ page here.

Top Locations To Visit in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Towering over Singapore city and Marina Bay, the colossal hotel can’t be missed, with its gigantic ship that sits proudly atop it. Complete with infinity pool, the hotel is renowned for quality service, food and drink, entertainment options and being adjacent to The Shoppes and Marina Bay waterfront, which overlooks the iconic Singaporean Merlion, the national symbol of the country. Worth a visit for sure! Check out the view just in case you needed some inspiration.

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Tiong Bahru

A local’s haven, Tiong Bahru is where you go for food, something Singapore does so well. Here it’s cheap, local, fragrant, delicious, cheap, accessible and cheap. Did we mention that? From groceries to ready-to-eat, it covers-off all bases. Walking distance to many greater urban shopping centres, the locals treat it as such and you’re welcomed by very many friendly locals.


Gardens By The Bay

Within Singapore, the Garden City, is a garden you must visit. It’s called Gardens by the Bay and is a space-age-looking conservatory and botanical garden that is a peaceful haven within the hustle and bustle of the city of Singapore. Sporting a lot of local flora, the park is a must to wrap your mind around what makes the island nation so great and its beauty so sought after.

Garden By The Bay

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