Simple steps to a greener kitchen

Being green is not a trend anymore. It’s a lifestyle and creating a space where you can create healthy, organic meals for you and your loved ones is the next step into living a greener life. Being green is an important adjustment we all need to make, for our own health and for the rest of the world.

The benefits of living a green life in your home are pretty significant. Not only will you be reducing your exposure to toxic materials, your wallet will be less impacted in the long run since green living is far more sustainable than the alternative.

Start a compost

If you think about it, more waste seems to come out of our kitchens than any other room in our home. The inedible parts of the fruits and vegetables we cut, the egg shells we crack, and the coffee filters we pull out of our machines can all be put into a compost among a great deal of other items we typically throw away.

A successful compost can benefit your garden, which is an added way to live a green life. Creating a self sustainable food source is the best way to know that the produce you and your family consumes is free of the toxins one might find lurking on store bought fruits and vegetables. We realise that going from the status of non-grower to full fledged farmer is a journey, if you so choose to take it, and a compost is a great way to start.

You can check out this link for reviews of composters for your kitchen.

Start compost

Cook more

Prepackaged and pre-prepared meals found in the freezer section of your grocery store are easy, but they are less green than creating the meal yourself. The life cycle of a frozen meal uses far more energy to create, freeze, and reheat than a home cooked meal not to mention the gas used transporting it from its place of creation to the store in which we buy it.

When you cook the meals for yourself, not only are you ensuring the ingredients used are good for you and your family, and free of toxins, you are actually engaging in a practice that is benefiting your own personal health. When you are mindful in the kitchen while creating a meal stress can be reduced, which enhances our all around well being.

If you feel like trying out some new dishes, a few of our favourite recipes can be found here.

Cook more

Make the best of your appliances

Do you are preheat your oven before baking? We are challenging this practice for most meals. How fast does your oven heat up? Newer ovens come to temperature quicker than ancient models, so maybe cut out the practice. If you are making more than one thing, get used to using all four burners on your stove and putting more than one item in the oven. If you are creating a smaller meal take advantage of a toaster oven, which uses far less energy than your conventional oven.

As for the top of the stove, make sure the pots fit the burners it sits upon is important. If you have an electric stove, use a pot that fits the burner. Using a small pot on a big electric burner will waste nearly half of the heat projecting from that burner.  If you are using lids be sure they fit securely, which will let out less heat.

Replace if needed

In today’s world, there are plenty of green options when making purchases like refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc. If you have the means and love to redecorate, maybe you should revamp your kitchen appliances by replacing them with newer energy efficient models.

We realise remodeling an entire kitchen is quite an undertaking, not only to our schedules but our bank accounts as well. Still, maybe your dishwasher is not working its best and you’ve been thinking about replacing it. Consider a greener model when shopping around.

Best appliances

Don’t overdo it

If you have been thinking about replacing your broken down refrigerator, consider getting a smaller model. A refrigerator filled with food is wasting a great deal of energy in comparison to a smaller fridge that has food moving in and out of it more quickly.

Also, there are certain added features that seem a bit unnecessary, like internet connected ovens, designed to allow you to turn the oven on and off when away from home. Exhaust systems for the oven are a needless feature as well. The less energy used in your kitchen the greener it will be. Of course, we don’t expect you to resort back to ice boxes and wood burning stoves. Just be thoughtful of the energy aspect when shopping.

Update the lights

Are you still using the old standard light bulbs in your kitchen? If so, when you use them you are burning up a great deal of energy. There are plenty of energy efficient options out there where light bulbs are concerned. And of course, when you leave the room, shut them off.

These are just a few ways you can transform a wasteful kitchen into a greener one.

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