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It’s not every day you come across someone who has built up a successful online retail business with no know-how and all passion and determination. Jackson Millan, a financial planner by day, has done just that.

With a love for clothing and a desire to prove to people that shopping online from online retailers is not and does not have to be a scary concept, Jackson founded Siete Clothing Co., Australia’s latest addition to online retail for men.

With a range that encompasses everything from chinos, to slacks, bow ties to blazers, a man’s needs are covered from head to toe in one handy location:


What drew you towards men’s clothing?

I have always tried to dress to impress even from a young age and it seems like something that come pretty easy to me. I really appreciate what it takes to put together a classy outfit and I have used Siete as a creative outlet to help others look good.

What spurred you to go into online retail?

To tell you the truth I kind of fell into it. I am a financial planner by day and I really wanted to create something new and exciting. I came up with the vision to develop a cost effective men’s fashion label and ran with it.

How has starting as a new online retailer in this era been so far? Difficult?

Difficult is probably a huge understatement. I have had to learn everything from scratch which includes the designing, marketing, sales, even HTML coding which has been challenging but I have really learnt a lot from the process though my own mistakes!


What makes Siete different to other online retailers?

The main thing that separates us from the rest would be our competitive pricing and our promise that if the clothes don’t fit we will replace them with another size free of charge. We really try to take the fear out of buying online just because you are unsure of your size.

Some of the clothing you offer has a very clean cut, modern edge. Is there something you look for in particular in menswear?

I stand by the fact that I am not an inventor when it comes to fashion, I am more of a recycler if you can call it that. I like to take tried and true ideas and recreate them into modern, simple style that anyone can wear. I think its important to not try to recreate the wheel too much and it means I can offer my range to more people.

What is one thing every man cannot go without when dressing?

I think the modern day man must have at least a few blazers in his closet. Nothing looks better over a pair of chinos or jeans and a slim fit shirt.

Dressing for the cooler months and dressing for the warmer months are two completely different things. Which do you prefer and how well do Australians do it?

I hate the cold but I love winter fashion. I find that winter in Australia really allows us to experiment with a variety of layers, colours and textures and Australians tend to do it pretty well, especially in Melbourne. My style generally always involves a blazer and a long sleeve, slim fit shirt which can be pretty excruciating in summer.

Check out what Siete Clothing Co. has to offer at their website:




Photographer – Isaac Leung
Stylist – Briana Catherine-Wall
Hair and MUA – Rose Jackson
Models – Adam Attia & Dennis Theodourou

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