From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk: The Wonderful World of Jean Paul Gaultier

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In what is proving very quickly to be an exciting first for many modern day fashion lovers, the illustrious fashion designer the world-over, Jean Paul Gaultier will host an exhibition of his own work at Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria.

To say there’s a buzz of excitement is an understatement, as the designer will be showcasing over 140 handcrafted pieces that he has created for the likes of international meganames such as Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Cate Blanchett.

It’s an exhibition of incredible proportion commissioned by the NGV and curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot and organised by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with Maison Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris.

The exhibition spans the career of this insurmountable French couturier, focusing on some of his first pieces from 1971 right through to current day prêt-à-porter and haute couture.

Gaultier’s history of radical designs and destruction of stereotypes and clichés while questioning preconceived ideas of beauty and challenging societal norms in gender and aesthetic make this exhibition one of the most exciting things to come to Melbourne from international roots in a while. Following on from Montreal, New York and London, the exhibition will showcase Gaultier’s exuberant work in a dramatic setting.

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