The Newest Sengled Accessory For Your Home Is Now THAT Much Greater

So, light bulbs, yeah? You don’t think much of them. They’re great, yes, and super practical, but do you ever really think about where they came from or how they work? The answer is more than likely ‘no‘; but there is one company who bucks that trend and thought so long and hard about light bulbs and how they could better them that they devised this new addition to the home you will want.

They’re called Sengled and the light bulb 2.0 they invented is called the Pulse Solo. It will revolutionise your home and your life from the comfort of your own iPhone.

Basically, it looks like a space aged light device that when screwed into a lamp fitting, gives you a completely different way of controlling all your thrilling home lighting needs. It’s an LED light, so will never die, for one. It runs off the house power, so doesn’t need batteries, operates via Bluetooth so you control its brightness with a dimmer installed onto your smart phone and it also plays music. YES, the light bulb is a speaker, and your mind is blown.

It’s subtle, reliable, controllable and practical without the need for ever using any other wireless music device. Two-for-the-price-of-one? We dig that.

Find out more at their website. The Pulse Solo is available at Harvey Norman stores national for $129.00.




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