Especially as summer rolls around, the opportunity to get some quality shades at a more-than-affordable price is definitely more than welcome.

Stumbling across SelectSpecs, an operation with an Australian arm that sells some quality sunglasses to whichever online shoppers are in need is a blessing.

With men’s and women’s options in brands like Oakley, Prada, Tom Ford and Hugo Boss, the SelectSpecs operation is one of many, but admittedly one of many that gets its distinct cut-through on its pricing options – most start at the early tens – and its speed with which the company makes its deliveries.

Stocking not only the leading brands Australians love, but trend-setting and following styles in a number of frames and colours, the SelectSpecs range is as to-the-minute as the brick-and-mortar shops themselves.

Styles along the lines of my new pair of Savannah Turtoiseshell will set you back only $10, which for something that can be thrown, dropped, sat on and worn daily and still be more than presentable is a testament-and-a-half.

Select Specs 7


Select Specs 2

Select Specs 6

Select Specs 10

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