See The Heart Of Austria With Vienna Now (Sponsored Post)

Ever since¬†The Sound of Music cast the incandescence of magic and intrigue over the Austrian capital of Vienna in 1965, it’s been high on many travellers’ wish lists.

Now, thanks to a new video series by the city’s tourism movement, you can see the best bits it has to offer from not only a locals’ perspective, but expats who’ve decided for years to call the European mecca, home.


They fly the flag of all that’s good about Vienna, capitalising on its bustling and vibrant nightlife, stylish and welcoming bars and clubs, penchant for a quality drink and taste for adventurous food; all of which are enough to beg travellers in.

In the Vienna Now video series, we latch onto two Viennese residents who’ve learnt to love the best bits about the city they now call home.

An American by the name of Adia Trischler has moved to Austria, where she’s been living in Vienna for 11 years. Now with a family and the city very much engrained into her lifestyle, it looks likely she’ll never leave and goes into great detail about her favourite Viennese elements.


Meanwhile, Chris Cummins, a fellow Viennese patriate has fallen head-over-heels in love with the city and explores its hidden and more well-known bars both above and below ground. It’s very Euro-cool and something that someone like him loves and knows a lot about. He sells it, too. Aside from being a stone’s throw from the rest of Europe, the Austrian heart of arts, culture, music and history is one to visit in and of itself before you even scratch its very deep extending surface.

Needless to say, Vienna is a must visit in any European trip!

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