Saké Restaurant & Bar’s Famous Dragon Egg Has Returned


Saké Restaurant & Bar’s famous Dragon Egg dessert will relaunch on the menu this December after its new and pretty impressive makeover.

Available only at Saké The Rocks and Saké Double Bay, the egg – which isn’t easy to construct – is a limited-edition summer dessert, comprising of a delicately thin Opalys White Chocolate Valrhona shell that contains a thin, sponge base; followed by a layer of almond crunch praline cream; topped with mandarin mousse. It then sits on a bed of almond crumble, with scatterings of crystalised ginger and fresh raspberries.

Saké’s Dragon Egg will return to Saké Flinders Lane and Saké Hamer Hall in Melbourne, and Saké Eagle Street Pier in Brisbane this December, following a sell-out tour for the Easter edition Dragon Egg in March.






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