Sa’Fire Jewellery

Sa’fire Jewellery is the ultimate online Urban Jewellery Destination for women who strive to have their own individual style & character. Sa’fire Jewellery was established out of the need for a unique shopping destination for women seeking unique urban jewellery pieces and accessories.

Sa’fire Jewellery and Style by Akoojee joined forces at a launch party recently, taking both brands to the public.

Sa’fire Jewellery is inspired by the bold individuality the streets of New York City bring. The jewellery is fresh, unique and every peace tries to speak a statement.

I teamed up with Emily Foenander and went along to the launch.

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  1. John says:

    Aphrodite Jewellery has sold unique jewellery in the USA and in Australia since its inception in 2002. Every year we expand our collection of exclusive jewellery while consistently maintaining a contemporary and fashionable look. Silver, gold and bronze colours are integrated into our jewellery which is designed in a range of styles, including modern, antique, vintage and luxury. Our jewellery is all handcrafted and each piece makes its own unique statement