Sacha Juan for men

I travel a lot. For work, play, just to get away, it’s all good and always welcome. Sadly though, with that comes a lot of packing and unpacking and those pesky (but safe) flight restrictions on liquids, products and the rest of it.

Recently though, I discovered a range of handy, travel size hair product companions from when I went to Hong Kong It’s called Sacha Juan and makes life easy.

Sacha Juan comes from Sweden and is the product of the coming together of two renowned hairdresser, Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. Since 2004 they have commanded the attention of the market and now, their products are available in Australia.

The Sacha Juan range is lush. It features a whole range for everyone, as well as travel sized ranges, but some of the best that I’ve had the pleasure of giving a try are the Sacha Juan volume powder, spray wax, conditioner and normal hair shampoo.

Sacha Juan shampoo


The Sacha Juan normal hair shampoo smells like it’s made of nothing but good stuff, and all salon professional purpose.

Sacha Juan conditioner


The Sacha Juan conditioner is like the finer sister of its shampoo counterpart. With Ocean Silk technology it keeps the hair full of life and detangled.

Sacha Juan spray wax


Sacha Juan’s spray wax is one its most pleasant and impressive offerings to the hair care market. It’s literally a wax that can be sprayed to style, fix, volumise or texturise hair in whatever you need. Handy, light, practical and innovative. Go Sacha Juan.

Sacha Juan volume powder, THE F


Finally, Sacha Juan’s volume powder is exactly that. A sprayable version of the likes of small vials of texturising powder by the other large hair care companies, Sacha Juan’s volumising powder is dry and gives a matt finish and a fresh feel between shampoos.

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