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Rubira’s claims it offers the ‘best seafood in Melbourne’ – I was lucky enough to attend the restaurant’s first birthday party and see if it held up to this claim.

The décor was beautiful – subtle, with an impact. From maroon accents to portraits on the wall, there was this edge to the restaurant. A live acoustic band played several covers, including a bit of Ed Sheeran.

The first dish I got to try was the beer battered oysters. Delicately coated and served in cleaned out oyster shells, it had to be my favourite of the night. Staying with food, I grabbed what I thought was a regular spring roll – biting into it, it had barramundi inside! Why isn’t this a regular thing, because it needs to be – it’s a great, unique combination. Furthermore, I must admit I’m no oyster expert, however when one bite tastes like it came right out the Pacific Ocean – that has got to be the freshest you can get.

Although the restaurant was packed with guests and very busy, the wait staff were attentive, friendly and well versed in the dishes they were serving. I managed to have a quick chat with one of the waitresses, Toni. She said that her bosses would wake up at 1.30am just to pick up the seafood straight instead of sourcing it from a market. No wonder those oysters tasted like a bite of the Pacific Ocean.

Have a seafood craving you want to curb? Try giving Rubira’s a go for a fresh, unique experience.

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