Royal Stacks Burgers Hit Sydney

In a market as saturated as Sydney’s burger scene, it’s interesting to see how a new kid on the block matches up.

Introducing the latest bun out of the oven: Royal Stacks.

Popularised first in Melbourne, the buzzing Burger-Shake shack dazzles on Collins St, with neon signs as tantalising as the gourmet menu options.

But it’s new Sydney addition, with all the Mary’s, Burgers by Josh, Chur’s, Bar Luca’s and, for the more forgiving palette, McDonald’s around, the opening of a new burger chain begs the question: does the saturated fat content of Royal Stacks match its competition?

To this, we say confidently, yes it does.

With accented points of difference, the new Chatswood joint takes gourmet burger innovation to a new level.

Think fine dining in fast food form.

With a menu that boasts ingredients from the traditional to the exquisite, All Australian beef (or chickpea for the humble vegetarian) patties are wrapped in molten cheese – American or Swiss depending on your fancy, and topped off with exotic spicy sauces, to the connoisseur’s favourite, truffle mayo.

Burger names maintain the integrity of the ‘royal’ stack, wistfully named after several of our favourite royals, with the Prince Harry and Miss Elizabeth among the best. The absence of a Charles & Camilla stack however, was probably a tasteful idea.

What really makes Royal Stack stand out, is not only the innovative burger flavours, piled between succulent, brioche-bagel hybrid buns, but the slew of US-inspired frozen custards that cater to the sweet tooth consumer.

Freshly churned on site daily, frozen custards throw a spanner in the mix to the photographable dessert game, combining the decadent textures of gelato and ice cream with a Ben & Jerry’s type ingenuity with the offered flavours and additional mixers including Kinder Surprise, New York Cheesecake, Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter.

Brought to Sydney by burger fanatic Dani Zeini, Royal Stacks dishes out the goods at Chatswood Westfields.

Royal Stacks Burgers Launch


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