Rodd & Gunn Celebrate Wool Week with the Woolmark Company

In the lead up to wool week, retailers have been showcasing their Autumn/Winter collections like crazy. Australia’s iconic wool industry will be in the spotlight this week, in an effort to unite fashion designers, retailers and consumers alike, to celebrate The Woolmark Company’s ‘Wool Week’.

The campaign promotes wool as a natural, renewable and bio-degradable alternative to synthetic fibres. With Australia producing over 90 per cent of the world’s fine-wool apparel, it’s no surprise that some of Australia’s biggest labels and retailers are supporting the campaign.

Rodd & Gunn Woolmark Company Wool Week THE F 6

This year, Rodd & Gunn were the first brand to unveil its new winter collection as a celebration of the Australian Wool Industry. The Rodd & Gunn heritage dates back to 1946 and is committed to sourcing the finest fabrics and materials from around the world. With winter being a season of extreme temperatures, the newest collection utilises luxurious fabrics and the finest woollens, to provide functional wind and weather resistant coatings.

The collection was unveiled in conjunction with The Grounds of Alexandria, an iconic Sydney café and restaurant, renowned for its emphasis on sustainability and charity affiliation. The Grounds was established with the intention of creating an experience through innovations and an ever-evolving vision.

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Within the Atrium of the esteemed venue, Rodd & Gunn demonstrated their appreciation of the wool industry through their interesting range of formal woollen coats and knits. AFL star, Tom Hawkins played host to the event, as a Rodd & Gunn and Woolmark Brand Ambassador, in an effort to promote and celebrate the wool industry.

The event marked the first instalment of Wool Week, celebrating the strong connection between the wool industry and the business of retail.

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