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Rodd & Gunn have a New Zealand-inspired range and it’s beautiful

Rodd & Gunn might be aimed at the older gent, but that doesn’t mean as standalones, the pieces can’t be picked-up and worn by anyone daring enough to give them a shot.

And this year, R&G have opted for a collection inspired by the beauty and majesty of their roots in New Zealand.

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The range was uniquely inspired and photographed in the picturesque surroundings of Milford Sound (South Island, New Zealand) and as such a location deserves, the brand has taken campaign imagery to the next level.

It’s been shot by renowned photographer Derek Henderson, who opted to take it buried deep in the wilderness where the isolated basin feels as if it’s at the farthest end of the world.

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The product styles embody the escapism of Rodd & Gunn. Makes sense for it to be set in such a daring location. They draw from the natural landmarks of Milford Sound where billowing fog inspires rich shadowy checks and smoky yarns.

Mineral speckled granite, folded and broken into huge slabs, incites marled wools in deep blackish-grey. The damp and secluded forests injecting deep fern and mossy greens. Warm woody browns are intertwined with icy blues, as if it were the torrents of falls, gushing over the trunks of fallen trees.

Rugged design inspired by the antipodes, combined with superior materials and meticulous craftsmanship is the quintessence of Rodd & Gunn.

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