Riddoch Coonawarra wines

The finest Coonawarra wines you need to make the most of any weekend

If there’s one wine region you should love – and if you don’t already, then learn to – it’s Coonawarra.

Why? It makes Riddoch wines that will turn your winter weekends from a regular fun-of-the-mill round of the chilly season to something you won’t want to end.

The guy behind the wine, John Riddoch, is widely regarded as one of the fathers of Australian wine, thanks to his early establishment of the Coonawarra fruit colony, so you know it’s a fine product.

Moving into the future, though, the 125-year-old, award-winning label continues to honour tradition with wine legend Neil Doddridge at the helm, packing each bottle with bold flavours that pay homage to the history of the label.

Doddridge says that winemaking is half science, half art, but if you’ve tasted any of the Riddoch product, you’d know it’s all finesse.

They do it by ensuring that the fruit is at its optimum before being picked, it is then crafted using old tried-and-tested techniques that ensure nothing short of quality and packaged to reflect the soft spot this name has in the minds of many wine aficionados the country-over.

There are four wines to keep an eye out for this season to make your winter that much more enjoyable…

Riddoch Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Beautifully concentrated wine with spice, choc-mint and mocha, combined with intense fruit that make it one delicious wine.

It’s complex, lengthy, well-structured and will last the distance if you have a sense of self-control.

Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon

This is one smooth wine. Black olives and other herbal notes take over, with fragrances of spicy plum, chocolate and tasty vanilla aromas. Delicious!

Riddoch Shiraz

As any good shiraz should be, this drop is a bold one. It layers flavours of pepper and spice with ripe plum and rich blackberry fruits. It has been aged with French and American oak, giving it a deep complexity, combined with deliciously ripe fruit flavours and a hint of chocolate.

Riddoch Merlot

A light and bright wine with an arresting focus and intensity, this merlot is perfumed and flavoured in such a way, its rich, round, fruity flavours with choccie characters will have you buying more than one bottle.

All bottled wines are 750mL and come in at $35 from bws stores around the country.

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