Nixon Tapes Opera Australia

Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong have a show on at the Sydney Opera House

Richard Nixon was one American President who became known as a leading anti-communist. However, he saw value in improving relationships with China and Russia, so took a trip there to rub shoulders with then Chairman Mao Zedong of the Communist Party of China. It made history. Nixon laid the groundwork for his overture to China even before he became president, writing in Foreign Affairs a year before his election: “There is no place on this small planet for a billion of its potentially most able people to live in angry isolation.”

Fast forward to 1987, Mr. John Adams wrote an opera around the events of that period of time entitled ‘Nixon in China’ and this year as part of Sydney’s VIVID light festival, the performance has come to the Sydney Opera House thanks to the talent of Opera Australia.

In it, Australia’s finest soloists combine forces performing excerpts from John Adams’ piece, plus works by modern successors Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) and Bryce Dessner (The National).

It’s an historical work that catapults the audience back in time to an influential meeting of two men that had worldwide, positive ramifications and features some stunning musical and oral work, befitting such a story.

Have a preview listen below…

This performance is a one-night-only show on Monday 5 June as part of VIVID Sydney at the Sydney Opera house Concert Hall. 

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