Why Dinner At Caffe La Via, Malvern Is One Of Life’s Musts

Looking for a unique brunch spot? Caffe La Via in the Melbourne suburb of Malvern has you covered.

Quaint and cosy, Caffe La Via’s menu boasts an incredible wine list and includes a breakfast menu, various speciality dishes and a selection of different pasta. If you’re all about that foodie lifestyle, you may have a bit of trouble deciding on a dish – every item on the menu looks incredibly appetising!

The salt and pepper calamari, mac and cheese squares as well as the stuffed jalapenos – the latter being the manager’s recommendation are to begin and will floor you. Crunchy on the outside, with gooey melted cheese on the inside served on top of barbeque sauce – somewhat reminiscent of a mozzarella stick.

Followed by the menu’s calamari it was tender was soft to the bite and perfectly cooked thoroughly, bursting with flavour. All the appetisers come served on top of their respective sauces with garnish on top, making for excellent presentation.

Fettucini marinara is always an interesting choice for the seafood lover. It’s dressing is very light, which paired perfectly with the seafood, rendering it hearty, wholesome, well-priced and not in the habit of leaving anyone wanting for more seafood.

Hearty and filling, the colossal chicken parmagiana comes served with ham and cheese on top, with salad and thickly cut chips on the side. For parmas and pizzas, Caffe La Via provides customisation options for toppings such as cheese and vegetables which is great if diversity is key.

A baked cheesecake takes prime position on the menu, which is made with white chocolate and vanilla bean with raspberry on top. It is presented beautifully with vanilla ice cream and nuts on the side. The cheesecake is absolutely delicious, subtle in its taste with a crumbly base and paired perfectly with the ice cream

All Caffe La Via dishes are typically standout. From the quality and how well-cooked the seafood was to the delicate sweetness of the dessert and everything in-between, it’s one of Melbourne’s hidden gems of a n establishment. Certainly worth checking out if you’re after a unique experience!

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