Fika On Fleek: Rekorderlig Launches A New Spiced Apple Cider

I love multiculturalism, and to be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find any Millennial that doesn’t. But sometimes, as a Greek girl brought up in Australia, you’re reminded just how great it is… especially when a German chef serves you Swedish delicacies and alcohol.

Similar to the Commonwealth’s tradition of afternoon tea, cider company Rekorderlig brings Fika ‘down under’ to provide us Aussies an alternative to Earl Grey and cucumber sandwiches (or VB and lamingtons).

Fika is the Swedish social custom with its literal translation meaning ‘to have coffee’, evoking the spirit of the swanky café culture that has swept hipster and suitably populated spots Australia wide.

In conjunction with the launch of Rekorderlig’s brand new cider, Detleg Haupt, Executive Chef of The Fine Food Store in The Rocks, held a master class where senses were ignited by the warming glow of Vivid lights diffused across the harbour and the golden folds of the Semla buns with apple compote cooked. An aromatic blend of saffron and fennel seeds, engulfed in the delicate folds of a brioche like bun, the internationally renown pastry chef divulged the simple techniques used for cooking traditional Fika treats around a cosy, flour covered table in the middle of the shop.

A sweet and savoury treat, the Semla buns and apple compote evoked the spicy, nostalgic flavours of Rekorderlig’s Spiced Äpple brew, a perfect drink for the brisk winter ahead. Served hot and accompanied by a smorgasbord of delicate, flavoursome winter treats that compliment the unique, versatile flavour, Rekorderlig well and truly brought the social customs of Fika to Sydney shores.

The Swedes celebrate Fika as a means for people to come together and indulge the rustic setting and one another over a warm drink, decadent nibbles and engaging conversation… the only challenge is not gramming everything in sight.

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