Raw by Anthony Nader

The Raw Anthony Nader salon is one of the best hair salons I’ve ever seen.

I don’t just say that because he’s a lovely person to be engaged in a conversation with for the duration of a haircut; I don’t just say that because the salon is beautiful and conveniently close to the heart of Sydney’s inner-East; and I don’t just say that because he knows how to cut a decent head of hair.

I say it for all of the above; and more, it seems as I learnt when I paid him a visit on a recent trip to Sydney.

Anthony Nader has worked tirelessly for years in creating a name and market for himself and his services, to the point where he – for the past six years – spends six months of every year living and working in New York City on some of the most successful campaigns and shoots we see grace the world of fashion publications.

With a steep history himself in hair and hairstyling, Anthony has been operating in Darlinghurst and Surry Hills, having recently made the move from an historical – and albeit recognisable – four story salon to a rustic, more raw salon in a quiet Surry Hills street.

Raw Anthony Nader salon Sydney 1

With ‘raw’ being the name of the salon’s game, Anthony worked hand-in-hand with interior designer Joe Snell from TV hit ‘House Rules’ to play on the business name in the design of the salon itself.

With raw MDF cement board, traces of the tradesmen that built the set and deliberately exposed wooden framework, sheathed in weatherproof perspex; the salon is a playground for natural light, a terribly rustic, urban feel and a total clashing of textures and personalities in its choices of inanimate objects.

One of the best parts of the salon is the uniquely named ‘relaxation pod’ that is a soundproofed room down the back of the salon – just before the bathroom that pays a glaringly obvious homage to Madonna, a personal favourite of the hair stylist.

With four fully reclinable massage and wash basin salon chairs, coupled with the full range on hand from a plethora of leading hair and beauty products, each client is surrendered to the full treatment of a visit to Raw Anthony Nader.

The salon also plays warehouse to Anthony Nader’s leading hair, beauty and lifestyle online retail shop, Sydney Salon Supplies, which is actually the country’s leading online retailer of GHD hair straighteners. Who knew?

Anthony himself definitely knows how to bring together a salon, and work-in each client consultation down to the last tee. Whether its from the ten carefully curated organic teas he sourced and selected himself, or the efficiency with which he can transform – in my case – even the most unruly, not-acclimatised-to-the-Sydney-humidity hair styles out there, a visit to Raw Anthony Nader is never a bad idea.

The Raw Anthony Nader salon can be found on the corner of Campbell St. and Commonwealth St. in Surry Hills at 100 Commonwealth Street.

See them online at rawhair.com.au or give them a call on 02 9211 4444.

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