Raffles International Showcase

Fashion designers are made of sturdy stuff. They must orchestrate from start to finish a process that would daunt even the bravest of warriors. Creating from nothing, visions of beauty and innovation must first dance upon a page and then through some sorcery of organisation become flowing, tangible garments. The dance that a fashion designer must enter with heart, soul and mind is a logistical, aesthetic and stamina trifecta of an endurance ball.

So while a model is not just a pretty face, it’s an enthralling and captivating world inside the mind, striving efforts and hopes of Australia’s up and coming fashion designers.

Australia has been the land of opportunity for decades, a place where a soul can come and make there fortune, yet in the world of fashion, as that devil wearing prada exhibited, it’s a tough world where an enduring spirit is needed to stay the course.

Coming to the fore in the burgeoning wake of Australian design talent, which has been exponentially growing, is the Raffles Design College partnership with the Design Residency. In conjunction with Mercedes Benz Fashion week, graduates of fashion are invited to create an entire line of fashion in the allotted time and then take over the design space with their fresh and daring creations.

They recently had an opening night, allowing supporters to chat to the designers that had toiled, stitched and woven textile magic to create an eclectic and aesthetically profound collection of clothing.

A delight to sore eyes, each designer, it was palpable to see, had their own unique flair and aesthetic. Colours, patterns, geometrical shapes, textures and the like were used in precise and fastidious fashion to create garments truly their own.

From floor length gowns to bold and striking power suits, the night was a tangible display of the talent that is welling up in the Australian design sphere. The Raffles night is one of the pivotal opportunities for tremendous talent in upcoming designers to gain exposure of their designs and the rigours of creating them, opportunity for sale and collaboration.

Walking around the exhibition space it is hard to smile and wonder what trends these visionary designers will have us wearing in the coming years.

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