Queen Khan’s Little Red Riding Hood

Inspired by the fable of Little Red Riding Hood, Melbourne designer Dominique Khan has released her latest women’s collection.

With an aesthetic that is so different to other designers, Dominique’s aim is to interact with the nostalgia and imagination of childhood, drawing her tale from children’s books.

“Every one of us had a time in their lives where our dolls and toys all came alive and our imaginations and minds could take us to completely different worlds, I want to tap into those dreams we had as children to produce a wearable collection based on the stories and picture books we were brought up with,” she said.

Her techniques and prints have developed from the previous ‘Jungle Book’ collection, only this time collaborated with young Melbourne artist, Michelle Coppolino. In the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ collection you will find Coppolino’s abstract artworks painted and printed into a variety of fabrics including silks, organic cottons, organzas and, perhaps most fabulously, velvets.

The underlying theme of the prints is Little Red Riding Hood’s hallucination in the forest when in pursuit by the Big Bad Wolf. The colours are rich reds, burnt oranges and emerald greens that recall the dark beauty of the forest in winter.

The launch of the collection took place recently. We went along…

See the Queen Khan website here.

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Thanks to Matt Raabus of MIRAR PR for the shots.

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