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Why ‘Sand Tropez’ is your next best holiday destination

Because France is on the other side of the planet, but the good bits that come out of it never cease, there’s one group of people who’re doing their part to bring the best of the Riviera to Australia. And thank god!

Just in case getting away for winter to the Cote D’Azure isn’t within your sights this winter (sad), then investing in a bottle of the new – and deliciously smooth – Sand Tropez wine just might be the next best thing.

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The Quattro Wine Group has one hell of a love for the pale, crisp, elegant rose? wines of southern France: wines poured in exclusive beach clubs at sunset, served with fresh fish in the Michelin restaurants of Monte Carlo, sipped aboard million dollar yachts cruising around Antibes. Nice image, hey?

Since trying the wines, the founders behind the group resolved that what that region of the world could produce was nothing short of spectacular and everyone in Australia deserved it. So they brought about bringing it here themselves.

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Quattro works exclusively with two contrasting vineyards – the heritage Domaine les Toulons, which has a winemaking history dating back 2000 years and is still run by a father and son team with two premium rose blends. And the cool young Domaine Tropez, an upstart vineyard launched in 1996 which has quickly risen to the top of the wine list. Domaine Tropez has six rose wines including ‘Sand Tropez’ – a pale pink wine ideal for sipping on one of Australia’s many beautiful beaches and for a party-style introduction to the pale crisp rose variety, Quattro recommends Ice Tropez, a sparkling wine cocktail born in the glamorous town of St Tropez and sold individually in bottle shops.

See more about the Wine Group and what they stock at their website.

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