Qantas has a new look

Qantas today unveiled the new look of its 12,600 cabin crew just off the back of Sydney’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held at the same location.

Australian-born, Paris-based Martin Grant is the man behind the new, clean-cut and fresher cabin crew look, saying he was going for something modern, chic and not specifically revolving around the typical Australiana theme we’ve seen since 1959.

A new tailored look with simple, classic colours dominate the outfits with black and the Qantas red the hero colours of the whole range.

Debuted by model Miranda Kerr, the uniforms consist of sharp, single-breasted blazers and slim leg trousers for the men bring their look further into the 21st century while the women take the cake in a new aesthetic that allows practical movement and versatility in their workplace.

The slim look is carried the entire way through Qantas’ ladies’ uniforms that will be seen throughout from the beginning of next year. Black dresses, pencil skirts, splashes of red, pink and thin slim line black belts with neck scarves, blazers and trousers all come together to bring attention to the warm and welcoming and all-the-while cool feel of the Qantas brand.

Qantas staff modelling their own uniforms in a specially curated runway, coached by Jay Alexander and starring in Louboutin heels, Qantas spared no expense with their new uniform’s unveiling.

Designer Grant is known for his unique style and penchant for tailoring, making way for immaculately fitted suiting and sleek, modern lines for both men and women.

See more at Qantas’ website here.






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