Exyra Eyewear glasses blue light filter man working on laptop

Protect your eyes before it’s too late with new Aussie eyewear, Exyra

In a world where we are all constantly staring at screens that emit so much radiation it’s scary, into you eyeballs, you need to start more radically thinking about how to keep your peepers healthy.

Exyra Eyewear glasses blue light filter girl on computer

Meet EXYRA, the new Australian eyewear label who’ve taken it upon themselves to beĀ the people who do just that for you.

They make quality frames with even more quality lenses that actually – though clear – protect your eyes from the destructive power of blue light.

Prolonged exposure to such devices, more specifically the blue light emitted from LED screens, can be detrimental to our overall eye health; leading to a range of symptoms including but not limited to: eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, neck/back pain and blurred vision.

Exyra Eyewear glasses blue light filter man on ipad

Yeah, be scared.

Since our eyes’ natural lens is not designed to filter artificial blue light from computer screens, tablets and other hi-tech smartphones, we need something to do it for us, which is why the range by EXYRA is ideal.

Exyra Eyewear glasses blue light filter working on computer

Their lenses come in funky frames, all fitted with the light filters you need and the optionĀ of upgrading your lenses to include greater magnification, allowing you to accommodate varying degrees of contrast without the need for excessive focussing effort. Its multi-layered construction also protects from UV damage, including glare. Also, they only sit around the $98 mark.

See their full range and get your own at the EXYRA website here.

Exyra Eyewear glasses blue light filter man working on computer


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