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When such massive, commercial organisations like Nespresso do their part in not only bringing great coffee to the table, but also play their part in sustainability and environmental sensitivities that so many of us overlook, it’s a bit exciting.

Their most recent green campaign is the Nespresso Fashion Challenge, ‘Project Upcycle’ where they’ve challenged a combination of six artists and fashion designers from around the country to create or design a piece of artwork or clothing made from entirely recycled and upcycled materials – as well as used Nespresso capsules – for charity.

Upcycling materials are becoming more and more popular as consumers shift to become increasingly environmentally conscious, so something like this from a company and an industry that is always in the spotlight for wastage and environmental insensitivity is a great thing.

The artists and designers have fourteen days to complete the challenge, so will bring the finished products to you right here at THE F.

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The designers and artists participating in the challenge are:


Ellie Mucke
ELLIE MUCKE: A sustainable fashion designer, Ellie upcycles second-hand clothing to create sustainable high street fashion in her label MUCKE.


Alice Sutton

Alice Sutton: A sustainable fashion designer whose label EDITION makes designs with zero waste by using the whole piece of cloth.
Holloway Eyewear
Holloway Eyewear: Make their products by merging together scavenged materials and utilising natural process while reducing waste.


John Dahlsen

John Dahlsen: An environmental artist from Byron Bay, Dahlsen is an awarded sculptor.
Katrina Freene
Katrina Freene: An eco-jewellery who makes pieces suing recycled biscuit tins and tea trays sourced from her local area.
Sean E Avery
Sean Avery: A graphic designer and sculptor, Sean’s sculptures feature prominently around turning industrial features into organic shapes.

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