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Primus Hotel and their not-so-ordinary Gin & Tonic

If you’ve been to Primus hotel, you are probably very familiar with its amazing art decor interior, 1930s-inspired hotel rooms and glamorous rooftop pool. But what you don’t know, is its next best secret is the new gin menu at the Lobby cocktail bar that is to-die-for…

Primus Lobby gin Bar hotel Sydney cocktails drinks

Primus Hotel is a true believer in quality over quantity, which explains why the Gin menu only contains two drinks. Saturday night classics; gin martini and gin & tonic. Primus has created a unique sensory experience around the two beverages, making them not-so-simple.

Primus Lobby gin Bar hotel Sydney cocktails

The gin martini is served in a cloud of smoke created by liquid nitrogen which chills the cup before the Gin Martini of your choice is poured into the glass. Monkey 42 was the recommended Gin for this cocktail; a top-shelf gin with an extremely smooth taste, with soft floral notes. Quality.

Primus Lobby gin Bar hotel Sydney drink

But then there’s a gin and tonic, a cocktail known for its simplicity that the Primus has reinvented. Served in a large cocktail glass, the classic drink is infused 50/50 tonic and Archie Rose (from Sydney’s own Rosebery) gin for the perfect balance.

What makes this drink so special is the ball of ice that took 48 hours to freeze. Frozen inside is rosemary, blood orange, pepper and anise all to give an aromatic smell to the drink. The best part? As you continue sipping on the drink, the ice melts and the flavour of the G&T continues to change and develop. Fancy, huh?

Go and try it out for yourself at the Primus Hotel Lobby Bar, 339 Pitt Street, Sydney.

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