A Pretty Shady Summer

Summer is without a doubt everyone’s favourite season. Especially in Australia.

The sun, the heat, the cool breeze, the beach culture that we’re said to have and live by, the hot bodies that show themselves and the great summery fashion we enshroud ourselves in, we’ve got it pretty good when the sun belts it down and keeps the days brighter for longer.

With that though – and this is the sucky part – comes the reality that if it feels good, it’s probably bad for us, and in the case of the sun – while a little bit is good – it usually is. But, the silver lining is that because skin is our best asset, we can enjoy the sun, just in moderation; but how?

Given skin cancer is Australia’s most common cancer and the country has more skin cancer than anywhere else in the world, a fresh approach to sun protection is what is needed to help the younger generations of Australians be the one to end cancer in this country, one summer at a time.

We can achieve real change by taking five positive actions – sitting in the shade, covering up, wearing a hat, wearing sunglasses, and using and reapplying sunscreen.

There’s been a massive push lately by some iconic folks around the world in an effort to promote to people how easy it is to look and live like a boss, but in a sun smart way. For example, sunglasses are every avid fashion follower’s must-have. By simply making sure we don’t leave home without them and covering our face and skin as much as possible, we’re going to not only look younger and healthier for longer, but dramatically lower the risk of skin cancer on the face and in and around the eyes. Makes sense, yeah?

Covering our skin as much as possible will keep the highest UV rays from harming us and clothes like linen shirts and shorts, which still breathe while protecting from rays,  floaty kaftans and maxi dresses look great and offer protection while still keeping us cool. There are some great products available at the likes of here, which encourage skin health and a healthier attitude to taking care of yourself in the sun. Have a look when you get a chance.

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One of the fashion industry’s leading social voices, Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl has said that “protecting your skin does not mean sacrificing your style.” Always playing with fashion trends, Nicole knows that a nice hat and funky pair of shades can make an outfit, and also makes sure that she keeps her skin looking gorgeous, dewy and safe at the same time. If anyone’s going to know, she would, and given she’s being doing it for as long as she has, while maintaining her look as flawlessly as she has, it’s no surprise. I suppose she knows how to use a piece of sun safe gear like a pro. Something like this parasol she’s had her hand in designing might have worked for her and can work for most! Check it out here.

When it comes down to it, being outside in the sun without protection leads to sun damage, which can lead to melanoma or other skin cancers. It’s time for Australia to change its tune about what’s fashionable and realise that skin cancer will never be in.

See more at Pretty Shady’s website. 

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