Sydney’s Bubble Culture Just Got A New Face At Precinct 75

When it’s 4:59pm on any work afternoon and there seems no hope in sight, the weekend being terribly far off, and fun seemingly having been banished, it all may seem a little bleak. No so anymore me hearties, for Precinct 75 is stepping up into full gear and bleak is the last thing on earth it brings to mind. Rather, full blown, eclectic, is there an end to this tidal wave of handmade, artisanal bliss? Yuh, that’s the kind of joy we’re talking.


Precinct 75. Think everything you could need or want in a 1.5 hectare radius of a refurbished warehouse complex, complete with original exteriors. This is hipster, hand-wrought, trendy, Inner West paradise. You need to get going. Right now.


For your locks:

DD & Co is a high end salon with an edge. Amongst an industrial set-up, they can swish up your tresses; balayage to blue to blonde to pelican pink, they’re a colourful bunch. And, there’s a speakeasy for the dapper males who’re after their mop being tamed.


For your conscience and future generations and the world in general:

Upcycle Studio is not only awe inspiring but aesthetically impeccable to boot. They wave their extremely talented, hard working wand and transform materials that were destined for landfill into practical, aesthetically pleasing goods. Sustainable lifestyle goods at their most ‘going to change the world for good’ kinda vibe. A plus for all of us on earth.


Indulge in your pin-up girl fantasy:

Sherbet Birdie Photography – Seeking to provide a space where every gal can find her inner diva, the people behind Sherbet Birdie are about empowering women and bettering body-image through luxurious and bespoke photo-shoots. In short, you can play dress up with the wardrobe Marilyn Monroe would have crooned for. Bespoke makeup and hairstyling can bring out the 1940s pinup girl that’s always been inside you.


As well as such randomness like:

Maniax. AXE THROWING. Yup. Does much more need to be said? The veritable thrill of axe throwing. There’s nothing to compare it to. You get a plethora of axes and chuck them with all your might at a target. Very, very, very endorsed. Does wonders for stress relief.


And all the baked goods:

A Buttercream Bakery, Sample Roasters (the coffee, for the love of coffee!), Music Feeds (innovative music studio), One Flight up (recording studio), Lumiere Agency, The Drink Cabinet, Urban winery, Design Twins – actually, there’s too much going on to list it – do yourself a favour, head to Go. It’ll be more than your creative cravings can bear.











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