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So if what I’m reading is true, I’m meant to be kicking of 2015 focusing on my car; making sure it runs as it should, eating some quality food on the go and planning for the rest of the year, just like 53% of the State of Victoria, apparently.

At least, that’s what some stats collected by Yellow Pages tells me. They’ve gone and gathered all this data from people all over Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland – and collated it into a read on what Australians mostly plan on achieving once the high of the New Year is over and done with.

All those things we promised ourselves we’d do are another year in the past, but on the other hand, all those things we’ve always wanted to just get done and out of the way have a fresh twelve months to try again: no time like the present, they say!

Though according to the Yellow Pages, 88 per cent of promises to ourselves won’t even come true. What a bunch of slackers, we are.

Speaking with the guys at Yellow Pages, it’s interesting to see what, with a new year, comes straight to people’s minds. All over the country, we’re getting into the ‘just get it done’ mentality and churning through the domestic chores so the rest of our years are as free, easy and whimsical as we like them to be.

That’s how I work, anyway.

Whether it’s getting things done at home, having our cars working in prime condition, getting our hair done, or tracking down a new funky restaurant, the New Year is a busy and interesting time of year.

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While I might be busy joining the 39 per cent of people searching for take away food in January, compared to the annual state average and checking my car for hiccups, the folks in Sydney and NSW turn their attentions to the domestic, pulling on their gloves and making sure their home’s outdoors and indoors are primed and ready to go.

Their clean freakery works hand-in-hand it seems with their second most common favourite New Year’s resolution – clearing away their hoarded mess. It turns out they love their junk in Sydney, proven by Sydneysiders’ searching 42% more for rubbish removers in January, compared to the annual state average.

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While for Sydney it’s ‘out with the old, in with the new’ and they do away with their accumulated stuff from the year past, Sydney folks most commonly might also plan to welcome in to the family a new four-legged friend, say Yellow Pages.

Moving further up the east, while it might get a bit hot everywhere else in January, it gets even hotter in Queensland; so it makes sense that Queenslanders are hot on the trail of getting their air con in top working order. The folks in the north are responsible for 58% more searches for electrical appliance repairs, compared to the annual state average.

I guess all that outdoor barbequing isn’t without its limitations!

Though that might set them back a few dollars, it doesn’t stop the faithful Queenslander from looking further afield, and making chase for that new dream home, making up 19 per cent more searches for real estate agents in January, compared to the annual state average.

If, like everyone else you’re in the mood to make a move, check out and get things done.

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