Pitt Street Dental Centre Teeth Whitening Services Are Second-To-None

If ever there was a city for teeth whitening to be the done-thing, it’s Sydney. Lips, hips and teeth are what keep a great many people going these days (both men and women!). So when it’s so desirable to have a smile as pristine as a super model, there’s no surprise that dental clinics like Pitt Street Dental Centre are so popular.

They’re right in the middle of Sydney’s bustling CBD at 70 Pitt Street and offer professional dental services, perfect for some of the city’s most discerning inner-city office workers and urban Sydneysiders. Teeth whitening at Pitt Street Dental Centre is actually the number one requested service in the clinic (and probably quite up there with many other practices.) This really makes sense when the overall appearance of your smile can dramatically change the way your face looks and what your smile says about you. Teeth whitening is easy, painless, effective and cost-effective for a prolonged look that, if taken care of, will last and last.

Having teeth whitening performed at the likes of Pitt Street Dental Centre is probably one of the best options out there. The dental team clears away the day’s accumulated film, grime and clears the tooth’s enamel pores, which tend to hold discolouration. Having this done ensures the build-up in your tooth’s enamel doesn’t remain, and the tooth benefits from the full effect of the whitening gel the dentist uses to whiten your smile.

Of course, the professionalism of a dental practise ensures you’re looked after, treated well and the whole process (1 hour or so) is seamless, painless and stress free. Head to Pitt Street Dental Centre to see more.

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This post was created in collaboration with Pitt Street Dental Centre.




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