The Pitchi Christmas Gift Guide

So, Pitchi is pretty amazing. It’s a coming-together of some of the best ideas on the internet that before you knew it existed, you wondered how you lived without. From odd little nice-to-haves, to things you need to survive the day-to-day, Pitchi brings the best of them all into one place for your enjoyment.

Beard Bib

For the man who needs to control his beard grooming, the Beard Bib, $41.68. Buy it here.


For the environmentally conscious water-drinker, this flat pack water bottle is ideal, $30. Buy it here.

Mesh card

It lives in your wallet, doubles AS a wallet, protects your bank cards from being falsely used and can open bottles. What more do you need? $89. Buy it here.

Lawson Hammock

Inspired by Lawson, the Lawson Hammock is the perfect camper’s aide. Propping you out of harm’s way essentially anywhere, it’s so cool! $236.23. Buy it here.

Orbit Key

Combine all your keys into one with the Orbit Key. Problems solved. $29.95. Buy it here.


A sand repellent beach blanket? It dries and resist sand sticking. Perfection. $50. Buy it here.


If you lost things, this is for you! Attach it to anything, keep track of it with your phone. Life made. $40. Buy it here.


A bike rack for wherever you need it. Say hello to the Steadyrack. $79. Buy it here.

Sunny Jim

Beach tents the way they should be. These are Sunny Jim tents and make the beach that much more of a great experience. $149.95. Buy it here.

Water Resistant Bags

Bags that are fully resistant to water. Say no more. $145.75. Buy it here.

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