What’s good about the Philips Series 9000

Pretty much one of the best things you’ll rub up against your face, the Philips Series 9000 is built for both comfort and purpose.

The men’s face and body groomer is one of the newest in the Philips family with a nice spread of options for a wide range of discerning gents.

Philips has launched its brand new Shaver Series 9000, a range which includes five high-end electric shavers packed with technology for a precise and smooth shave.

It’s beautiful to look at, easy to hold and manoeuvre and looks pretty stylish sitting on any bathroom counter.

At the pinnacle of its electric shaving technology offering for Philips, this particular range offers some impressive features that cater specifically for the shape and nature of the man’s face. It includes contour detect technology, which means that three independently-moving heads flex in eight different directions to adjust to any face shape and a sleek, ergonomic design, which makes even a hurried morning shave too easy.

Not to mention the custom-built carry case, which makes travel either to and from work, a night out or a long trip interstate or overseas that much easier.

It’s the most advanced of electric shavers available thanks in large part to it patented V-track precision blades that work in harmony with the shaver heads.

The shaver comes along with – in this model – its own specially crafted charging dock and station that, when combined with Philips designed head cleaner, runs the shaver through a meticulous shaving process that keeps the machine on top of its game. Just don’t use it immediately afterwards; it gets hot!

The Philips machine can be used both wet and dry, accommodating for those who fancy either traditional or more modern methods of shaving and for those with either sensitive skin or a face that’s more accustomed to rough treatment.

They’ve really thought of all the finer things when it comes to portable electric shaving, including a battery that runs for a whole 50 minutes without a charge.

You’d need some serious facial hair woes to run it dry.

Coming in at anywhere between $399.95 to $599.95 depending on the model, the Philips Shaver Series 9000 is an investment at least and perfect for the most discerning of beard-growers.

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