3 Ways Philips Hue 2.0 Lighting Is Revolutionising Life As We Know It

There was a guy* once who said “let there be light.” And there was light. And it was good.

But not as good as what the luminous legends at Philips have done by simply taking what was once created – the humble light bulb – and turning it on its head; overhauling it; revolutionising it; or simply, making it better than ever before.

Philips Hue 2 THE F 5

The Philips Hue 2.0 range is taking domestic lighting and by way of the introduction of simple tweaks, changing the way we see light and adopt it into life.

They did some research that found a stylish living space is as important to lifestyle and happiness as social skills, wardrobe and even your job. No one would contest that. Over 60% of Australians don’t, in fact. In fact, they even found that over 78% of Australians feel more positive overall if they live in a light and bright environment.


So, by taking this info, they invented the second instalment of the Philips Hue range: it’s a set of domestic light bulbs that change colour depending on times of day and the moods you need to set. They’re light bulbs that connect to one central hub within the home and are controlled off that. They’re light bulbs that fit into pre-existing fittings and do-away with pricey interior overhauls, remove the need for built-in wall light switches and deck-out any room of the house in light befitting even the most expensively interior styled home in the swankiest part of the country.

So it’s no surprise everyone’s a fan. Judge from Channel 7’s House Rules, Joe Snell even loves Philips Hue lights so much, he’s kitted his house out with them and it’s easy to see why with these three reasons:

Philips Hue 2 THE F 2

Philips Hue light bulbs have LEDs

The range is fitted-out with LED light bulbs meaning they’re durable, don’t need replacing and the best bit: will last you around 25 years… if you have them on all day every day. Given no one does, you can probably double this estimated time. Yep.

Chances are you’ll have moved on to the latest Philips Hue model before their efficiency even begins to flicker.

Philips Hue 2 THE F 3

All Philips Hue lights are controlled centrally as well as individually

Whether it’s the mini (and cutely named) Hue Go light, which sits on the floor/table/window sil/coffee table as a feature in a multitude of colours or the Philips Extension Bulb in a standard floor/table/wall lamp, they’re all hooked-up to the same central control panel.

Associate each light to its relevant room and turn them on and off in unison with the simple click of a button using the Hue app, or control each light individually with the app, or in the case of the Hue Go, change his colour and even turn him off manually.

Philips Hue 2 THE F 4

Philips Hue Go and Extension Bulbs come in all the colours

Whether you’re wooing a date, trying to rouse the kids for school, unwinding on a Friday night or fitting-in some much needed time to read, the Philips Hue lights cater to basically any and every situation.

With the option to scroll through the entire light spectrum at 800 lumens, the light offer the opportunity to paint with light all the while cutting your lighting power bills in half.

The light spectrum as a toy to play with and tool for life means you can wake up gently, dimmed to any level and achieve all sorts of sensations in your living space with the click of an app’s button. Perfection.

Philips Hue 2 THE F 7

The Hue range is affordable and accessible. The starter kit kicks off at $144.95  with other parts of the kit coming-in at other points. Check it out at their website!

Philips Hue 2 THE F 1

Philips Hue 2 THE F 9

*That guy was God. Just so you know.







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