• Pharrell Williams & Louis XIII are doing their bit to save the planet (sponsored)

    People are ruining the World. It’s a fact. Global warming, pestilence, the sex trade, pollution, lack of recycling… The list is endless. It’s a wonder the Earth hasn’t thrown in the towel and collapsed in on itself entirely. There was a quote in the 2008 film starring Keanu Reaves, The Day the Earth Stood Still that rings […]

  • Glamping Hub Nomadic Belle tent

    Top 5 places to spend holidays away in NSW this January

    With forced annual leave at plenty of work places, Christmas time off and more of a reason ever to get the hell outta town for a bit for that much-needed R&R, the time to escape is now. And with so many options out there of places to go and call ‘home’ for a few days […]

  • Greatest Showman movie FOX Cast

    Movie review: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya shine in the movie of 2018, ‘The Greatest Showman’

    Remember when Baz Luhrmann teamed-up with Leonardo Dicaprio to create the big screen phenomenon that was The Great Batsby back in 2013? Well, there’s now a new production in town vying for top spot and Michael Gracy’s The Greatest Showman isn’t pulling any punches. A visually meaty, delightfully camp, dream-like colourful and musically effervescent production which makes its […]


Miss Burlesque Australia 2013 Grand Final

We all know the stereotype of the balloon clad burlesque dancer, seductively parading her voluptuous body in front of a pack of well allured onlookers… Sexy, huh? That’s basically the stuff that now haunts my dreams thanks to what took place in Melbourne recently. At the Athenaeum, what is supposedly regarded as the world’s greatest […]

Be the face of SKYY Vodka

If like me, Vodka is your poison and you fancy the thought of your face plastered all over town then this is the competition for you… SKYY Vodka is running a national competition to find the new face of their ‘LIVE FULL VOLUME’ campaign and they want good looking folks who can dress well to get […]

How to wear a pair of jeans for a whole year

What’s it like to wear the same piece of clothing for a year? Gross. Well, that’s at least what I thought until I had a chat with Matt from the new Superglue store at Highpoint Shopping Centre who’s been wearing the same pair of jeans for over 203 days so far and counting. He’s taken […]

Sydney’s Japanese Crane Restaurant in Potts Point opens

By Henry Ng. Sydney’s upmarket restaurant and bar scene receives yet another boost with the opening of Crane Bar Restaurant. Located in trendy Potts Point, the official opening saw a delivery of model-esque geishas, Taiko drummers, Japanese inspired canapés and cocktails, all to compliment the Eastern Asian influence of the institution. Upon entering the venue, guests were greeted with an […]

Icebreaker’s broken the ice at Chadstone

It’s no lie that merino wool is a beautiful fabric to wear. It breathes naturally, keeps us warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, remains cleaner for longer and serves its purpose brilliantly when you’re living, working or playing outdoors. Icebreaker, a New Zealand founded merino wool clothing label that now operates internationally as […]

Bring back the umbrella

By Jamie-Maree Shipton Perhaps the parasol is simply a beautiful idea, one that should only be used by those disposed to period dressing and that take influence from Marie Antoinette. Perhaps, for those with certain ideas of style and fashion, the notion of touting around a parasol would force a raised eyebrow and look of concern. […]

Garland Row jewellery

While in its infancy, the talent and aesthetic with which Sydney-based jewellery label Garland Row operates indicates nothing less than the work and passion of a seasoned professional with an eye for finery. Garland Row is the relatively new baby of designer Sarah Gardner. Its debut collection will launch in winter of 2013, bringing inspirational […]

PHOTOBLOG: Salon Melbourne

Melbourne’s largest and best hair and beauty expo, Salon Melbourne took to the city recently in a great display of tips and tricks on what and what not to do. The F was lucky enough to head along with Jennifer Estrada of MIRAR, camera in hand to capture some of the festivities. Read more about […]

Hard copy memories with PosterCandy

Since Instagram came about some two years ago, photos and the sharing of them has gone through the roof. It’s a wonder ‘the internet’ can sustain the amount of content flying around and has done for as long as it has. That aside, there’s no lying that the old adage a picture tells a thousand words […]

The Napoleon Perdis Life.Style

Since Myer swallowed his self titled cosmetics company, Napoleon Perdis has moved onto other ventures. By opening a new retail concept named Life.Style, Napoleon hopes to shed some light on the other side of his creatively eponymous self: the cultural and decorative bowerbird. Having long been inspired by travel, architecture, interior design, art, fashion and the […]