• Pharrell Williams & Louis XIII are doing their bit to save the planet (sponsored)

    People are ruining the World. It’s a fact. Global warming, pestilence, the sex trade, pollution, lack of recycling… The list is endless. It’s a wonder the Earth hasn’t thrown in the towel and collapsed in on itself entirely. There was a quote in the 2008 film starring Keanu Reaves, The Day the Earth Stood Still that rings […]

  • Glamping Hub Nomadic Belle tent

    Top 5 places to spend holidays away in NSW this January

    With forced annual leave at plenty of work places, Christmas time off and more of a reason ever to get the hell outta town for a bit for that much-needed R&R, the time to escape is now. And with so many options out there of places to go and call ‘home’ for a few days […]

  • Greatest Showman movie FOX Cast

    Movie review: Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya shine in the movie of 2018, ‘The Greatest Showman’

    Remember when Baz Luhrmann teamed-up with Leonardo Dicaprio to create the big screen phenomenon that was The Great Batsby back in 2013? Well, there’s now a new production in town vying for top spot and Michael Gracy’s The Greatest Showman isn’t pulling any punches. A visually meaty, delightfully camp, dream-like colourful and musically effervescent production which makes its […]


Men’s hair tutorial 2: casually dressy

On the whole, guys could definitely use a helping hand. when it comes to putting together a look atop their heads worthy of the public. God knows I could. In all my curiosity on how best to style hair this coming warmer spring-summer season, I sought the help of Jacky Chan from Oscar Oscar in […]

Tutti Interiors

By Aleczander Gamboa Although I haven’t read ‘Eat, Pray and Love’ myself, the novel has become the latest craze amongst my girl friends. Inspiring, cathartic, and life-changing are the common words thrown around when discussing it (that, and the squeals of joy when they spoil it for me since they have an inability to contain […]

Sky’s Out, Thighs Out

The catch-cry of a very funky venture in men’s summer clothes is all about promoting what you’ve got! No time to do so than summer, I say. Chubbies are the San Francisco-based shorts authority and leader of the global shorts revolution, which has launched its first international hub right in our own backyard – Australia. […]

Horological Heroes: Breitling Watches

By Leo Parker.  If you’re a fan of high-end timepieces, chances are that Breitling are a watchmaker that are well and truly on your radar because, truth be told, there are few bigger or better luxury watchmakers out there than this colossus of horology. Breitling have one of the richest histories in the world of […]

Men’s hair tutorial 1: the everyday look

Like fashion and trends, hair and beauty move with the tides of the times and are a constantly changing beast of their own. If you’re not in-the-know, they can be an epic pain to keep track of and boom! before you know it, you’re looking as daggy as last season’s kicks with nothing to do but wait […]

Custom made finery, Oscar Hunt style

Looking good is easy. You just need the right tools. There are hardly many good options for men when you’re looking at custom made pieces to add to the wardrobe and make any outfit really work for what you’re trying to achieve. That was until Oscar Hunt hit the scene some time ago, bringing what it means […]

Who Rally The World?

In today’s fast paced world, the need for speed is not only obvious, but something I get off on. The faster the better.  From zippy little city cars, to motor bikes, to speed boats, I secretly like them all and get super excited when some of my favourite makes of car get involved in something […]

Hey there QT

By Henry Ng.  A traditional shave is nowadays regarded a luxury service that men indulge in occasionally more than it is a grooming activity that they seek out regularly. With that understanding in mind, The Barber @spaQ has cleverly worked out treatment packages that entice men into the realm of luxury grooming. Catering to the […]

Model files: Silvana Lovin

Why modelling? I started modelling after my mother entered me into a model competition and won. Not long after winning, I went on to study Bachelor Of Fashion Design at RMIT University but only managed to complete a few months of the course before things started to take off with modeling. I’d always loved the […]

Alfredo Gonzales meets MINI

By Holly Thomas.  Alfredo Gonzales, the man the myth the legend… The motto is “Good Life Gonzales Life”, the product is lifestyle socks and boy does he do it well. The idea of the lifestyle sock is just exactly that, socks for everyone, for every walk of life with the range modelled by hipsters to […]