How to pack for a work trip

The wonderful world of work trips.

Up early, flying early, landing late, laying over, more flying and then a final arrival just in time to feel like you’ve died before bed. All this, only to be abruptly followed-up by an out-of-sync alarm to get up and hit day one.

The life.

When preparing for such a jaunt, one needs to be prepared. Bags, touch-ups, essentials and redundants all make a carry-on travel bag that much better and the trip that much more enjoyable.

After all, it’s not about where you’re going, it;’s about how you get there. They say, anyway…

These are some of my favourite options at the moment for any man’s carry-on luggage that make some time away from home that much more enjoyable.


Comfort factor: Campbell & Hall

When you’re on a long-haul flight, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in restricting jeans, tight-pulling shirts or those new season winklepickers you’ve had your eye on for a while.

It’s time to unashamedly and relaxingly downgrade to comfortable threads that are as stylish as you’d otherwise maintain, just without the status symbol.

Welcome Campbell & Hall, men’s casualwear that rocks an easy colour palette and simple construction for maximum comfort, easy movement and effortless relaxed-casual style.

Founded in Bondi, Sydney, the brand has that quintessentially beachside vibe about it, with relaxed fits, easy wear and an easy lifestyle almost wholly the ethos of everything they make.

See more about Campbell & Hall online (WWW).

campbell & hall

Post arrival finishing touches: pocket square-tie combination

Getting off the plane looking good is just as vital as getting off the plane looking good. Devil’s in the details.

Though an afterthought, that little pop of colour or the final finishing touch on any outfit or added to any jacket can be the piece that says ‘I’m here for a reason’ or, ‘I’m no-one on a holiday’.

You decide.

travel guide

Fresh feet always: Stance socks

Bold and original, Stance socks are made for inspired individuals by inspired individuals.
Joining the saturated sock game comes at no easy feat (get it?), but Stance are one of the good guys; with fresh designs and premium materials, our socks cradle feet in comfort and creativity. Suitable for adding that extra flare of style to your outfit while travelling.
See more about Stance socks online (WWW).
Stance socks

 Fresh face: Fossil’s framed shave kit

A little bit of a snappy nod to the stylish history of menswear and men’s bags and accessories, this little bathroom bag by Fossil is one of the nicest.

Styled off the doctor’s bags of old, the framed shave kit bag is all leather, poly lined and features a funky snap-open frame you don’t find anywhere else. Big fan.

See more about it online (WWW).

fossil shave kit

Identity theft prevention: Fossil passport wallet

One of the finer points of air travel are the little knick-knacks we’re treated to using when we do it.

Bags, hats, gloves and the like for the more stylish; and this means a luxurious passport wallet. Fossil’s multi passport case is as much a wallet as it is to protect the passport and perfect for cash, cards, coins or folded stuff.

See more of it online (WWW).

FOssil pass port wallet

Clean yourself: Towel tablets

Leading online men’s grooming retailer, Men’s Biz, has tracked down the coolest travel buddy for not just dudes, but everyone.

The Prospector Co. compressed towel tablets are exactly that: towels compressed into tablet form that retake shape and fluff-up when moisture is added.


So unique and such a good idea, it’s not only a funny feat of technology, but rivals those moist towelettes that Singapore Airlines give to you on board every flight. Now you can say no and actually have a reason.

See more about them online (WWW).

towel capsules

What to carry it all in: Calibre biker leather briefcase

For the sophisticated gent who travels with a little bit of flair, this new season black biker leather briefcase by Calibre is perfect for an all around look, while serving a particularly practical purpose.

The biker leather briefcase has a perfect balance of design and function; just the right size for carry-on and equally the right size to fit just what you need.

Made of 100% leather, brushed antique silver hardware, double zip compartments, a detachable shoulder strap and all the nooks and crannies for your essentials like phone, wallet, passport and cash, the bag’s a winner.

See the bag and more from Calibre’s collection online (WWW).

calibre biker leather travel bag

For the more business of work traveller: the Henty Wingman

Better for a cyclist, but just an effective for the short or long trip traveller on a working gig, the Henty Wingman is a brilliant and creatively ingenious creation that offers the best of two worlds.

The Henty Wingman sports a clever two-in-one design. The outer shell is a suit or dress bag, while there is a spacious gym bag designed to hold all your other gear. Wear either piece as a stand alone backpack, or wrap the suit bag around the gym bag and you’ve got yourself the mother of all backpacks.

It’s perfect for motorbike riders, gym goers, yoga enthusiasts, runners, swimmers, and of course those that travel a lot. If you’re heading interstate and only want to take carry-on luggage the Henty Wingman is perfect. It has been designed to fit carry-on specifications and overhead lockers, and unlike a traditional overnight bag or case, you won’t need to press your clothes at your destination.

See more about the Henty Wingman travel bag online (WWW).


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