Osis Dust It Flex Powder

If there’s one little treat I have managed to set firmly in my bathroom cupboard over the past year or so, it’s volumising powder.

As effeminate as it sounds to say, it’s a refreshingly masculine product that fills your hair, makes it easier to style and gives you a great deal of – funnily enough – volume to your hair.

A new one I’ve been trialling by Osis is their Dust It Flex, which is the first of its kind on a nice little black cannister and fragranced to smell like something other than the ground lava rock elements of the volume powder, it’s a nice addition.

Designed to provide instant, flexible volume, its lava rock, silica and glycerine combination gives hair a sleek, matte finish. This also means the final style can be remodeled at any time, so last minute changes aren’t a problem, which is always handy.

At only $28.95, find out where to buy it by phoning 1800 251 887.

Osis Schwarzkopf Dust It


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