Oscar Wylee eyewear

There’s one name for awesome eyewear and it’s Oscar Wylee

Oscar Wylee started in a garage. A couple of people, a mission for quality and a point of difference all their own. And it’s worked.

Fast-forward some years, they’re working with one grand showroom right in the centre of Sydney plus another five stores around Sydney and Melbourne. They struck a chord with the Aussie men and women who need them and it’s easy to see why.

They offer quality eyewear with an affordable price tag, but not in the “we-say-this-to-make-you-buy-eyewear” kind of way; it’s legit. Each frame is styled with a vintage feel and contemporary design elements – think bookish found frames and tasteful tortoiseshell – with a certain sturdiness in simply the feel of each frame that comes with eyewear you know will last.

Oscar Wylee is all about the health of your eyes, too. With on-staff optometrists, educated ophthalmologists and optical dispensers on hand to sort out everything you’d need from an eye test, to checking their health and selling you some quality facial accessories, they cover all their bases.

They’re even offering a blue light filter, which cuts out the nasty range of light that comes out of everything screen-related that most of us stare at all day: computers, phones, televisions. So, it goes without saying their range is top-notch, their service is well-above average and their range is striking for all sorts of occasions. Check out some of it at their website.





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