The perfect place, the perfect day, an OB Way of Life

Fashion is what you buy; style is what you do with it.

Though for the men of Orlebar Brown, a UK-based men’s resort and casual wear label, style extends to include a little more than just threads; encapsulating everything to food, clothes, cars and overall lifestyles, dubbing everything worthy a part of the ‘OB Way of Life’.

Orlebar Brown are continuing exploring the OB Way of Life and have delved into a world of priceless moments through video campaigns that discover what it means to people who resonate with the brand. Those who appreciate the simplicity and attention to detail need not just to enjoy a place, a time, a setting or an occasion, but also appreciate these details in how they choose to eat, dress, drive, live. 
A selected mix of characters, the rugged and the refined, the national and international, the beautiful and the damned are featured in the OB Way of Life Film Series. As viewers we gain an insider’s glimpse into their world through captivating stories, beautiful observational photography and well-crafted video. 
Orlebar Brown are also running a competition called My Perfect Day. As OB Ambassadors have each talked about their Perfect Day, it is time for others to tell them theirs and have a chance to win it. 

Whether it is diving into a crystal clear sea, dancing under the moonlight, a day in the boxing ring, playing football with friends or building sandcastles with your kids – we all have an idea of a Perfect Day.

OB are offering one lucky winner the chance to live their Perfect Day courtesy of Orlebar Brown.

Check it out here to win:

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