Need A New Bag? The Original Satchel Store Will Help You Out

There are very few retail brands out there in the world who have so directly and successfully carved themselves a niche that has worked so well for them, right? If most of the brands’ names aren’t confusing enough as to what they do, followed-by where exactly they fit in the world, there’s no denying that the Original Satchel Store doesn’t have that problem.

From the UK, they create and sell quality, real leather, finely finished and sturdily-made satchels that are perfect for daywear from work to play and everything in-between. Sure, the inside is unfinished, but what they lack in internal finesse – ‘cos who sees it at the end of the day? – they make-up for in unique colourways and diverse stylings.

They work with that vintage look, honing-in on what the artisans of old aimed for in their leather goods and celebrating simple, clean-cut functionality for everyday use.

Their three collections; classic, soft leather, metallic, pastel and run to the sun fill three very distinct voids in the baggage game,  offering their customers something more than just the standard triple ‘B’ options (black, blue, brown) and bring back the fun into artisanal bag and leather goods-making.

See their full range at their website.



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This post was sponsored by the Original Satchel Store, but opinions are our own. 

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