World First Coming To Sydney On The Steps Of The Sydney Opera House

The world’s first silent opera is coming to the steps of the Sydney Opera House, a unique idea and something never before achieved.

Being pumped through state-of-the-art Audio Technica headphones, the live silent opera performance will premiere Sydney Opera House – The Opera: The Eighth Wonder, using the famous building as an opera stage for the first time.

Sure it might have played stage to one of Sydney’s famed Dinner en Blanc instalments, but not even that will match the wonder of what Opera Australia has in-store.

The opera tells the dramatic true story of the creation of the world’s most famous building and the coming of age of Australia. Danish tenor Adam Frandsen plays architect Jørn Utzon, Gerry Connolly plays the Queen, Martin Buckingham plays the NSW Premier and Stacey Alleaume plays a young singer, dreaming of singing at the Sydney Opera House.

A huge cast of the above and more, plus a chorus will perform on the steps of the Sydney Opera House with the orchestra performing inside and the sound combined, enclosing the audience in an intimate bubble of sound.

They’re combining the opera and a story about 1960s Australia with the latest trial in technologically advanced sound design, staging, projection, lighting and 3D printing. They’re even rolling out one of Australia’s earliest patents, the Hills Hoist, also makes an appearance.

The event is being produced by the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour team and they are creating a friendly site, with bars, food outlets, stunning harbour views, and even space to play cricket before the opera.

See more and grab tickets here.

The Sydney Opera House by Jack Atley





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